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Being the best in League of Legends requires a lot of practice. If you want a solid plan and guide on how to get to Diamond in LoL then look no further!

tu gank bot en faisant un play et tu kill la botlane = micro tout ça pour get la tower et un drake pour pouvoir rotate = macro antoine12410

I don't think they're cheating, I think they're cheap. Granted I do have two. One of them is a Rengar burst combo that I use when I get bored and play Critgar against ...

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A Guide to Macro Game - League of Legends Community These things don't exist in LoL, so how could one play a macro game? ... similarities and how one could apply the concept of macro to LoL. General Strategy Guide : LENTI'S RETURN: A MACRO GUIDE ... 18 Jan 2019 ... League of Legends premiere strategy discussion and tools. ... A good macro player will not only know how to create good kill opportunities. Improving Macro/Game Knowledge : summonerschool - Reddit

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K95 RGB League of Legends Ultimate Macro Mode - The Corsair User ... K95 RGB League of Legends Ultimate Macro Mode CUE 1.x and 2.x RGB ... Play x 1. Execute Action - Macro ADC Flash. This will Execute the ... Origen's Mithy on C9 and TSM: “Their macro was bad and ... 1 Jul 2019 ... Origen League of Legends player Mithy criticizes the state of North American play. How to improve at mid lane | Lolesports